OkArt 女孩肖像与鸟绘画

OkArt 是一个来自于韩国首尔的设计师,创作的主题多为女孩肖像和鸟类,很多作品都是源自于自然元素的启发,把人类与鸟类重叠混淆展示,体现了人与动物的和谐效果。

OkArt 女孩肖像与鸟绘画

OkArt is a passionate designer based in Seoul, South Korea. Inspired by natural elements, OkArt’s work is often themed as a girl portrait with birds. Sometimes the drawing renders the effect of double exposure by confusing the eye of the model with that of the bird, reflecting harmony between the human and animals.

OkArt 女孩肖像与鸟绘画2

OkArt 女孩肖像与鸟绘画3

OkArt 女孩肖像与鸟绘画4

OkArt 女孩肖像与鸟绘画5

OkArt 女孩肖像与鸟绘画6

OkArt 女孩肖像与鸟绘画7

OkArt 女孩肖像与鸟绘画8