Martin Roller 日常用品混搭艺术集

来自于德国的艺术家 Martin Roller 喜欢从生活中挖掘灵感,此次他从生活中收集了很多生活用品来构建既有趣又别出新裁的创意混搭艺术,每一个新的创造都是一种转化,他总会把一种日常用品很合理的运用到最恰当的地方。

Martin Roller 日常用品混搭艺术集

Using everyday objects that he collected from the streets of Berlin, German artist Martin Roller constructs intriguing and surprising mash-ups. Each new creation looks transformed and as if it is on display in an advertisement. In Roller's surreal world, a hairbrush has sharpened pencils in place of its bristles and a set of "shoes" is actually a pair of bananas with bright white shoelaces. Roller's unique eye even manages to turn a car tire into a visually deceiving birthday cake. No matter what the mash-up, each piece takes on a futuristic quality that is both surreal and oddly realistic in its execution.

Martin Roller 日常用品混搭艺术集,铅笔,刷子

Although the photographs of the objects look as though they were digitally retouched, the talented artist actually took the time to build each work of art by hand. This means that all of the unusual constructions exist in real life. Rather than using photo altering technology as a tool, Roller prefers to assemble his own physical "collage" from a source that he can mold with his hands. Because of this process, each individual object undergoes a visually complex metamorphosis that pays homage to modern design.

Martin Roller 日常用品混搭艺术集,桔子,地球仪

Martin Roller 日常用品混搭艺术集,轮胎,蛋糕

Martin Roller 日常用品混搭艺术集,面包,迷宫

Martin Roller 日常用品混搭艺术集,弹弓

Martin Roller 日常用品混搭艺术集,锤子

Martin Roller 日常用品混搭艺术集,牙刷,钟表