Manik n Ratan 宠物龙动漫设计欣赏集

来自孟加拉国的Manik n Ratan是一对漫画家、动画设计师和漫画家,喜欢从生活中创作一些可爱的设计作品,这组可爱的宠物龙作品采用铅笔创作,每天都有不同的造型和方式更新到他们的Instagram专栏。

Manik n Ratan 宠物龙动漫设计欣赏集

We are Manik & Ratan, twin brothers based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We both are cartoonist, animators and also designers. We post our everyday doodles on Instagram profile. Once we posted a cartoon dragon.

Manik n Ratan 宠物龙动漫设计欣赏集2

Somehow that dragon looked so adorable that we thought, what if it interacted with the pencil. So we drew the dragon which was poked by a pencil. It was so much fun seeing that dragon was annoyed.Later, we tried it to interact with other daily objects like stapler, cell phone or Lego.

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We started uploading these kind of doodles regularly and found that they were getting famous. People enjoyed this dragon so much that we decided to name it Drogo. Now Drogo became my cute adorable pet.

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