Selcuk Yilmaz 金属雕塑艺术作品集

Selçuk Yılmaz 是一位来自于伊斯坦布尔的雕塑家,所不同的是他的材料是金属而不是其他,通过焊接和衔接的方式来打造一个金属怪兽,并且是以立体的形式展现,主要造型有老虎、狐狸、山猫等。

Selcuk Yilmaz 金属雕塑艺术作品集

Istanbul-based sculptor Selçuk Yılmaz uses thin strands of hammered and welded metal to render animal heads in fearsome, three-dimensional forms. Like his majestic lion sculpture made from 4,000 metal scraps, his recent renderings of tiger, fox, and lynx busts exude a powerful grace that's apparent in each gleaming, curved filament. Yılmaz's tiger sculpture is particularly intimidating—with its teeth bared in a savage snarl as flames flicker across its face. The metal beast is the very picture of ferocity.

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Selcuk Yilmaz 金属雕塑艺术作品集3

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Selcuk Yilmaz 金属雕塑艺术作品集5

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