Giulia Bernardelli 美味多汁的食品绘画艺术集

来自于意大利艺术家 Giulia Bernardelli 是一位绘画艺术家,所不同的是才的绘画材料不是涂料和画笔而是各种可以吃的食物、饮料之类的材质,例如通过一杯咖啡,一只勺子就可以绘制出来一副海洋里航行的船只,是不是很有趣?

Giulia Bernardelli 美味多汁的食品绘画艺术集

Trading ink for coffee, Giulia Bernardelli creates stunning works of art using food as her medium. The Italian artist produces intricate paintings that look as though they’ve been created by spills or drippings from a spoon. Portraits, animals, and sprawling seas appear so effortlessly crafted that they look like they were just happenstance. But, it’s the ease of these whimsical compositions that truly showcases Bernardelli’s incredible skill.

Giulia Bernardelli 美味多汁的食品绘画艺术集2

Bernardelli has the gift of imagining a material’s potential, transforming it into something remarkable. She doesn’t plan her work in advance and instead trusts her instincts. “For example,” she tells Huffington Post France, “when I drink coffee, I reflect on the nuances that I could create if I flipped it on the table. At breakfast, I can imagine the footprints left by a cat who walked into the jam."

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Giulia Bernardelli 美味多汁的食品绘画艺术集4

Giulia Bernardelli 美味多汁的食品绘画艺术集5

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