Erica Wexler 绘画与梦想艺术作品集


Erica Wexler 绘画与梦想艺术作品集

Artist Erica Wexler paints surreal creations featuring subjects who have a distinctly dreamy disposition. "As an artist, I try to develop paintings that speak to me and to others, through colors and compositions, about the beauty and strength that exists in humans and in nature, specifically women," the artist explains. "I would describe my style as a combination of surrealism, realism, and abstract."

Erica Wexler 绘画与梦想艺术作品集2

Keeping true to her ethereal aesthetic, Wexler designs fantastical worlds that contain relaxing and romantic qualities. The painter utilizes wood panels and slabs as naturalistic canvases to bring her fascinating, imaginative ideas to life. Using the surreality of dreams as her inspiration, the artist designs an alternate universe filled with subtle colors, flowing lines, and delicate forms of nature.

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