Luis Seven Martins 街头艺术作品集

Luis Seven Martins 街头艺术作品集

Luis Seven Martins 街头艺术作品集,Luis Seven Martins是巴西的一位自由艺术家,擅长于在街头喷制鸟类街头艺术作品,他创作的作品为城市带来不一样的特色。

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Brazilian street artist Luis Seven Martins, aka L7m, recently created this gorgeous series of graffiti birds, where the large, feathered creatures emerge on the streets of Sao Paolo, Brazil. The combination of realism and abstraction blur together to form the wide array of creative birds .

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Each large painting is formed with dark lines and blocks of bold color that fill in the empty spaces. L7m used energetic paint strokes to produce the lively creations on the still, simple walls. In each piece, realistic eyes peer out at the viewer while the rest of the body, tail, and wings trail off into lively swirls and textures.

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Ever since he was 13 years old, when he picked up his first can of spray paint, L7m has been creating street art. His bio states he is inspired by, "The revolt of human sorrow, the beauty of life, the city's disarray, the neglect and the surroundings, all of these things transposed influence the works of this artist, who evolved with all his feelings focused in street art."

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