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Rachael Aslett 猫与女性的性感POST姿势,澳大利亚的 Rachael Aslett 发现一个现象,那就是性感的女性拍出来的姿势与猫科动物极为类似,为了研究这种相似性,他把20世纪40年代到50年代的日历和杂志里面的女性图片与猫的图片对比。

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Right after we showed you some hilarious photos of sexy men and adorable cats in similar poses, we knew it was just a matter of time before we found the female equivalent. Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls is a funny Tumblr blog that pairs the scintillating ladies found in 1940s and '50s calendars and magazines with the modern cats of today. Which image is more arresting? Scantily clad pin-up girls are no match for these personality-filled cats!

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Started by Rachael Aslett, an advertising freelancer based in Perth, Australia, the Tumblr has now taken on a life of its own. Based on its runaway success, Aslett has even received an offer for a book deal.

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