Danish Ahmed 直译电影海报设计作品集,Danish Ahmed 是印度的一位插画家和设计师,他创作了一组流行电影的海报设计,把每一个电影的名字通过直接解释的方法来创作,例如华尔街之狼,直译就是一只狼坐在华尔街上。

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Danish Ahmed 直译电影海报设计作品集-华尔街之狼

Once a movie becomes popular, a literal translation of the title tends to be overlooked and replaced with direct connections to the stories, actors, and plots. However, when looking at some recent film titles, India-based illustrator and designer Danish Ahmed wondered what would happen if he transformed the exact words into literal posters based off of the actual meanings of each word.

Danish Ahmed 直译电影海报设计作品集-man of the steel

In minimalist style, Ahmed developed an extensive series of Literal Movie Posters that show things like a wolf actually sitting on Wall Street and a steel robot taking the place of Superman in Man of Steel. In the redesigned posters, the artist has transformed his clever word play into visually appealing designs.

Danish Ahmed 直译电影海报设计作品集-a good day to die hardAhmed says the project was "one of those moments when some random thought becomes stuck in your head. And then suddenly I would find so many movies that could have had very different, totally unconnected posters if we went by their exact titles!"

Danish Ahmed 直译电影海报设计作品集-who is salt?

Danish Ahmed 直译电影海报设计作品集-shut up.kick-ass