Martín De Pasquale 插上翅膀的梦幻PS艺术

Martín De Pasquale 插上翅膀的梦幻PS艺术,Martín De Pasquale 是一位Photoshop高手,他喜欢用PS软件来创作超现实主义的场景,既诙谐有有趣,当然少不了一点点鄂恶作剧,对于他的作品,你看一次就会印象深刻。

Martín De Pasquale 插上翅膀的梦幻PS艺术1

It’s safe to say that Martín De Pasquale is really good with Photoshop. The Buenos Aires-based digital artist creates surreal scenes that are both witty and fun, with a little mischievousness to them, too. De Pasquale is a master at photo-manipulation and makes these fantastical images look totally believable, so it’s no surprise that we’ve been impressed by his work before.

Martín De Pasquale 插上翅膀的梦幻PS艺术2

The artist is the star of these portraits, and it’s clear that he isn’t afraid to poke fun at himself. This includes him getting strangled by his own clothes, unscrewing his head like a light bulb, and even getting his beard “mowed” by a miniaturized twin. These imaginative works give a whole new (albeit a little twisted) meaning to the self portrait.

Martín De Pasquale 插上翅膀的梦幻PS艺术3

Martín De Pasquale 插上翅膀的梦幻PS艺术4

Martín De Pasquale 插上翅膀的梦幻PS艺术5

Martín De Pasquale 插上翅膀的梦幻PS艺术6

Martín De Pasquale 插上翅膀的梦幻PS艺术7

Martín De Pasquale 插上翅膀的梦幻PS艺术8