Matthias Jung 异想天开的建筑拼图艺术

来自德国的图形艺术家Matthias Jung的梦想是打破建筑逻辑和物理定律,他收集照片素材,从新定义了超现实主义的梦幻贴图艺术,采用自然和谐的超现实主义方式来展示建拼贴画的艺术美感。

Matthias Jung 异想天开的建筑拼图艺术

Germany-based graphic artist Matthias Jung dreams up wildly imaginative buildings that defy architectural logic and the laws of physics. Using photo materials that he's collected, Jung rearranges different components into fantastical collages of surreal houses that could only exist in an alternate dimension.

Matthias Jung 异想天开的建筑拼图艺术2

Contrasting architectural styles are combined with natural elements in unexpectedly harmonious ways. Buildings are stacked on top of each other in jumbles; trees sprout from the roof of a house; needle-thin poles support the weight of a modern-looking creation. These creative collages, which the artist calls "architectural short poems," invite viewers to visualize new perspectives on how we live.

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