Corey Knaebel 卡通人物插画作品集1

Corey Knaebel 卡通人物插画作品集,Corey Knaebel是美国的一位漫画插画艺术家,擅长于创作卡通漫画和游戏里面的女孩造型,他的艺术风格夸张并富有异想天开的气息。

Corey Knaebel 卡通人物插画作品集2

Corey Knaebel, aka RayArtz at dA, is an artist from United States who works on Cartoon, Comic & game characters. The chaaracters he portrayed are often Pin Up girls with highly detailed coloring. His style of art is some stylized, exaggerated and whimsical.

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