Jenny Parks 创意卡通猫插画作品集

Jenny Parks 创意卡通猫插画作品集1

Jenny Parks 创意卡通猫插画作品集,Jenny Parks是美国的一位插画师,她制作了一套把猫与电影角色相结合的作品集,例如超人猫、美国队长造型猫、钢铁侠造型猫等等。

Jenny Parks 创意卡通猫插画作品集2

Jenny Parks, whose Doctor Mew artwork has featured here before on Neatorama, is back with the best cat painting you'll see today. Catvengers, assemble! (which is probably harder to say than do, because, as Nick Fury can attest, if herding cat is hard, try assembling them)。

Jenny Parks 创意卡通猫插画作品集3

Jenny Parks 创意卡通猫插画作品集4

Jenny Parks 创意卡通猫插画作品集5

Jenny Parks 创意卡通猫插画作品集6

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