Leticia Reinaldo 卡通插画艺术作品集

Leticia Reinaldo 卡通插画艺术作品集

Leticia Reinaldo 卡通插画艺术作品集,Leticia Reinaldo是一位巴西插画师,擅长3D作品,现居洛杉矶;热衷于3D动画建模和纹理处理等方面的工作。

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I am enthusiastic about working in the modeling and texturing department as a 3D artist to bring characters to life.Many of the projects I participated in included working in a team environment, creating all the 3D aspects of characters for commercials. I had the opportunity to teach at SAGA – School of Art, Game and Animation assisting students to achieve their goals on the process of creating 3D characters.

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As a instructor I learned how to solve problems, communicate and develop a structured and dynamic way to transmit information.I moved from Brazil to Hollywood to attend Gnomon School of Visual Effects to improve my technical and artistic skills so that I can provide a higher quality work.

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