Jon Fox 概念插画艺术作品集

Jon Fox 概念插画艺术作品集

Jon Fox 概念插画艺术作品集,Jon Fox是英国的一位插画艺术师,毕业于布莱顿大学,学习美术绘画等科目,举办过多场插画展览。

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Jon Fox was born in the UK and currently lives and works on the south coast near Bournemouth. He studied Fine Art Painting at the University of Brighton where he began exhibiting work in local galleries on a regular basis and taking commissions while still at university. His work often addresses the conflict of emotion: 'heart against head.' Many of his characters occupy a world of tension and turmoil battling with their own significance while the looming presence of a larger restless energy is at work around them.

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