Mr. Peruca 创意光头海报插画作品集

Mr. Peruca 创意光头海报插画作品集

Mr. Peruca 创意光头海报插画作品集,Mr. Peruca是巴西的一位插画师,他创作了一组标志性人物光头组的作品,各种电影里的人物角色都出现在了他的作品中。

Mr. Peruca 创意光头海报插画作品集2

Ready for today's pop culture quiz? Brazilian illustrator Mr. Peruca has created a fun set of illustrations that shows iconic characters' bald heads.

Mr. Peruca 创意光头海报插画作品集3

From television and movie characters to a real-life leader, these men aren't just known for their lack of hair, they're famous for their distinct personalities. The series is called Notorious Baldies. You can buy six of the prints - including Charlie Brown, Darth Maul and Homer - right now over at K.Olin tribu. (Love Walter White!)

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Mr. Peruca 创意光头海报插画作品集5

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