JacoHaasbroek 创意插画艺术作品集

JacoHaasbroek 创意插画艺术作品集,JacoHaasbroek 是开普敦的一位非常有爱的艺术家,她擅长于从生活中汲取灵感,创作很有趣的艺术作品,属于那种每天都好奇她会有什么新的想法的站点。

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Jaco Haasbroek has one of those websites where you’re constantly wondering what he’ll do next. The Cape Town, South Africa-based illustrator is the one behind one of the funniest illustrated series we’ve seen in a long time, calledFood, Object or Animal. Created with just acrylic and ink, the smile-worthy illustrations consist of ordinary objects like a birthday cake saying, “You Want a Piece of Me?” to a red chili pepper shivering as it states, “I’m a Little Chili.”

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