Erin Hanson 多彩景观印象派绘画欣赏

Erin Hanson 多彩景观印象派绘画欣赏,Erin Hanson是一个具有善于创作亲和力的绘画家,在过去的8年里,她一直致力于创作风景类印象绘画,神奇的色彩搭配大胆的感官效果具有观赏性。

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Artist Erin Hanson has always had an affinity for painting, but she didn't pursue her full time artistic career until she was living in Las Vegas and rock climbing at Red Rock Canyon. The breathtaking scenes throughout the land prompted Hanson to develop a goal of producing one painting per week. For the past eight years, she has stuck to that goal and continues to create stunning oil landscapes filled with a sense of wonder.

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Through her work, she transforms the beauty of the real world into magical landscapes using bold colors and thick brushstrokes. Hanson calls her style open-impressionism, explaining that "open impressionistic painting is blind to the rules of traditional impressionism, taking a more colorist, 'open' approach, with the artist attempting to soak in the basic abstract shapes of the landscape on a more primal level."

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Through a loose reproduction of realistic scenes, Hanson creates an imaginative reality that leads viewers on an exciting adventure of expressive colors and textures. Trees seem alive with movement, golden light stands out in bright oranges and reds, and distorted shadows cast large blocks of color across the sky and grass. Each painting is an obvious representation of the artist's passion for the outdoors.

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