Alexandra Khitrova 空灵系列插画艺术作品集

Alexandra Khitrova 空灵系列插画艺术作品集,Alexandra Khitrova是俄罗斯的一位插画艺术家,他创作了一组具有梦幻色彩的空灵插画作品,采用唯美的夕阳、夜空等环境与动物肖像结合,给人以宁静空灵的梦幻质感。

Alexandra Khitrova 空灵系列插画艺术作品集1

Russian artist Alexandra Khitrova creates ethereal illustrations that have an alluring sense of fantasy. The soft, dreamlike works feature the setting sun, brilliant night sky, and the animal spirits who inhabit it. We see an owl, bison, elephants, whales and even jelly fish presiding over the desolate landscape below. Their presence is calming, and we feel a sense of tranquility within Khitrova’s beautiful illustrations.

Alexandra Khitrova 空灵系列插画艺术作品集2

Khitrova began her career as a motion graphics artist and within the last year decided to explore concept illustration. It was a completely new venture for her, but the reaction to her work was positive. She was soon getting commissions for her new style, and it’s only grown from there. Khitrova is now working with a team of writers and artists on a feature film.

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