Javier Perez 创意动物涂鸦图集

Javier Pere z真的应该被加到最爱设计师之一,因为他总是能玩出令人会心一笑的俏皮创作!之前他用插画将日常物件变成创意小角色,现在他又用更简单的线条变出同样令人惊喜的创作,就是加入自己的双手,玩起动物合成照了!

Javier Perez 创意动物涂鸦图集

小时候最爱玩的手影游戏,用双手比划各种动物影子,或许Javier Perez多少有参考过这个童年游戏,只不过他并没有刻意挑战专家级的高难度技法,只用最单纯的连想法来完成,简直像个小孩子一样,但你就是能一眼就看出他在比什么!

Javier Perez 创意动物涂鸦图集,兔子

Javier Pérez has a knack for creating delightfully whimsical illustrations via Instagram. In the past, we’ve admired hissimple line drawings combined with everyday objects; we’re now happy to share works that incorporate this same kind of play. But, instead of using fruit or Scrabble tiles, Pérez has his hands doing the talking.

Javier Perez 创意动物涂鸦图集,恐龙

Each single image is actually composed of two pictures. One part is a contour line drawing and the other is a photograph of his finger (or fingers). They are positioned next to each other, and Pérez’s hands act as a continuation of his drawing. In an image with an octopus, the fingers become its tentacles. Another piece features his index finger as a happy elephant’s trunk.

Javier Perez 创意动物涂鸦图集,大象

Javier Perez 创意动物涂鸦图集,公鸡

Javier Perez 创意动物涂鸦图集,蜘蛛

Javier Perez 创意动物涂鸦图集,麋鹿

Javier Perez 创意动物涂鸦图集,犀牛