Lucas Levitan 照片里的趣味插画艺术,生活在伦敦的巴西插画师卢卡斯利维坦喜欢在拍摄的图片里添加Illustrator插画元素,让照片里的场景充满了想象力的空间,并不失搞笑的情景。

Lucas Levitan 照片里的趣味插画艺术

Lucas Levitan, a Brazilian illustrator based in London, has a wild imagination that seems to invent alternative stories for everything he sees. In an image series that he calls “Photo Invasion,” Levitan invades other Instagram users’ photos with silly, inventive and sometimes awkward illustrations.Levitan’s no common thief – he makes sure to credit the people whose images he has “invaded” by linking to their Instagram accounts.

Lucas Levitan 照片里的趣味插画艺术2

Lucas Levitan 照片里的趣味插画艺术3

Lucas Levitan 照片里的趣味插画艺术4

Lucas Levitan 照片里的趣味插画艺术5

Lucas Levitan 照片里的趣味插画艺术6

Lucas Levitan 照片里的趣味插画艺术7

Lucas Levitan 照片里的趣味插画艺术8