Sebastien 用素描画出生活作品集

Sebastien 用素描画出我的生活作品集,很多艺术家都通过艺术的手法来展示自己的生活,自己的创作生涯,这组作品就充分的展示了素描艺术家Sebastien的生活态度,作品的表现手法也相当有创意

Sebastien 用素描画出生活作品集

Since my childhood, drawing has always been a great passion of mine. Although when I discovered photography, I thought that the combination of these two passions would allow me to give free rein to my imagination.In the series “The Sketch of a Life”, I illustrate my life as if my sketches gave birth to my actions.

Sebastien 用素描画出生活作品集2

My sketches also depict events that are very important to me, for example, “Sketch the Life” is related to the birth of my daughter.I would like to develop my series even further. I have many creative and innovative ideas in my head and it might be challenging to realize them.

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However, I hope I will be successful in achieving them all. At some point, I would like to turn my series into a book with some text attached to each image.

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