Alex Rommel 梦幻般的天空插画艺术作品集

Alex Rommel 梦幻般的天空插画艺术作品集,亚历克斯是出生自俄罗斯的插画艺术家,他创作了一组展示奇迹与自然的超现实注意数字绘画艺术,如果把这里面的作品打印出来张贴在你的办公室,你觉得怎么样呢?

Alex Rommel 梦幻般的天空插画艺术作品集

It makes us proud to announce that we've just added five new works by Alex Rommel to My Modern Shop! Alex Rommel is a Siberia, Russia-born artist who creates mesmerizing digital paintings that showcase the wonder and beauty of nature. In particular, the Germany-based 25-year-old artist is an expert at creating digital paintings of skyscapes, showing us the magical beauty of the skies. The viewer is transported to another world filled with swooping clouds and majestic colors.

Alex Rommel 梦幻般的天空插画艺术作品集2

Alex Rommel 梦幻般的天空插画艺术作品集3

Alex Rommel 梦幻般的天空插画艺术作品集4

Alex Rommel 梦幻般的天空插画艺术作品集5

Alex Rommel 梦幻般的天空插画艺术作品集6

Alex Rommel 梦幻般的天空插画艺术作品集7