Maria Jose 照片变卡通插画作品集,玛丽亚是一位插画家,最近她创作了一组可爱、卡通的插画作品,通过一张普通的图片来汲取灵感并创作出相应的插画,每一幅照片都有其特色,正是这些细节使她的作品令人难忘。

Maria Jose 照片变卡通插画作品集

Illustrator Maria Jose Da Luz creates adorable, playful portraits inspired by a single photograph. Her work focuses on children, and she digitally draws their likenesses in a sweet, cartoonish style. Round faces, rosy cheeks, and over-sized heads are all part of her illustrations' charm. You can’t help but want to smile at the sight of their cute faces!

Maria Jose 照片变卡通插画作品集2

In addition to illustrating each kid, Da Luz often adds a fun twist to every drawing. She’ll transport the subject to another environment or include a buddy in their portrait. One photograph shows a child dressed in a Superman t-shirt, laughing as he’s being tossed into the air by an adult. Da Luz’s rendition still features the kid in mid-air, but this time it’s with Batman. It’s these amusing details that make her works memorable.

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