《88 Miles Per Hour》汽车插画海报

《88 Miles Per Hour》汽车插画海报,这副时速88英里的汽车插画作品是由加拿大插画师Scott Park设计,从班车到卡车、火车、概念汽车统统都有,每一辆车都是精雕细琢而来。

《88 Miles Per Hour》汽车插画海报

In honour of the 30th anniversary year of Back to the Future (and “the future” from BTTF 2), I give you my latest poster: 88 Miles Per Hour - The vehicles of the Back to the Future Trilogy. How many vehicles? Well, to paraphrase the legendary Dr. Emmett Brown: “When this baby gets up to 88 vehicles, you’re going to see so serious obsessive levels of illustration”. Oh. Did I mention that they’re all in order of their appearance in the films. Because they are.

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