Simon Stalenhag 卡通CG情景插画作品集

来自瑞典的插画师Simon Stalenhag是一位擅长于创作电影、广告和图书封面和概念动画的艺术家,现居斯德哥尔摩,风格科幻而细腻,从他的作品中你可以欣赏到反乌托邦艺术风格的神奇之处。

Simon Stalenhag 卡通CG情景插画作品集

I'm an artist based in the countryside outside of Stockholm, Sweden.I've been involved with a lot of different projects, ranging from films, commercials and book covers to art directing and concepting for video games. I'm also the second half of Pixeltruss (the other half being Tommy Salomonsson), who recently released the 16-bit platformer Ripple Dot Zero.

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