Hikaru Cho 科技感十足的人体彩绘艺术集

来自于日本东京的艺术家Hikaru Cho接受三星手机Galaxy邀请而创作了一组超真实的人体彩绘艺术作品,创作出了具有高科技效果的人体零部件的彩绘艺术作品,如把人的头部绘制成无线充电效果。

Hikaru Cho 科技感十足的人体彩绘艺术集

Tokyo-based artist Hikaru Cho is back again with more captivating makeup transformations. This time, the exceptionally talented artist used her expert makeup skills to create hyperrealistic illusions of floating dismembered heads and altered human faces.

Hikaru Cho 科技感十足的人体彩绘艺术集2

The designs were commissioned by Samsung for the launch of their Galaxy S6 phones, so all of the works of art were inspired by this technology. The creations have a high-tech aspect to them, combining parts of the human body with the characteristics of the newest electronics.

Hikaru Cho 科技感十足的人体彩绘艺术集3

The floating heads are meant to represent the phone's wireless charging capabilities, showing what a model would look like if she were being recharged. Hikaru also used her own face as a canvas when she painted copies of her eyes further down her cheeks, mimicking the downward swiping motion used on modern cellphones.

Hikaru Cho 科技感十足的人体彩绘艺术集4

Hikaru Cho 科技感十足的人体彩绘艺术集5

Hikaru Cho 科技感十足的人体彩绘艺术集6

Hikaru Cho 科技感十足的人体彩绘艺术集7

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