Jenny Liz Rome 女性与动物混合插画集

来自于加拿大的插画师Jenny Liz Rome把动物与女性人物混合为一体,组合了一种新的插花艺术,为读者展示了当代女性的特有气质和动物形体特质相结合的美感,她创作的灵感来源于野生动物和经典的女性时尚风格。

Jenny Liz Rome 女性与动物混合插画集

Get whisked away into a surreal fantasyland by viewing these bold illustrations by Jenny Liz Rome. The Canada-based illustrator, who's known for her images of wild animals blended with female figures, shows us just what happens when sensual femininity is mixed with raw animal imagery.

Jenny Liz Rome 女性与动物混合插画集2

Rome studied art at Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD), where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2009. Her mixed media works combine photography, drawing and painting. The artist states that she takes inspiration from wildlife, classic style, and the female form.

Jenny Liz Rome 女性与动物混合插画集3

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Jenny Liz Rome 女性与动物混合插画集5

Jenny Liz Rome 女性与动物混合插画集6

Jenny Liz Rome 女性与动物混合插画集7

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