Muthahari Insani 是一位擅长于使用细尖笔来创作动物与自然的艺术家,例如熊、鸟类、兔子等,用错综复杂的线条勾勒精美的作品,细致的作画技术创作的作品会展现各种各样的阴影,给作品带来立体感。

Muthahari Insani:动物与自然钢笔画集

Using fine-tipped pens, Muthahari Insani (also known as @sweeneypen) creates intricate drawings of animals that are often cloaked in beautiful blooms. Silhouettes of bears, birds, and rabbits are shaped with winding branches, layers of petals, and growing toadstools. It’s a fantastical take on the typical portrait, and Insani’s additions are a unique and imaginative way to combine two facets of the natural world.

Muthahari Insani:动物与自然钢笔画集2

To build form and imply depth in his drawings, Insani makes tiny marks that produce hatch and cross-hatching textures. Depending on how close the lines are to each other, they appear more or less dark. This meticulous pen technique creates a variety of shadows, giving his surreal designs a three-dimensional feel that looks incredibly lush. It’s as if the visible vegetation is just a small hint of what lies beneath the surface.

Muthahari Insani:动物与自然钢笔画集3

Muthahari Insani:动物与自然钢笔画集4

Muthahari Insani:动物与自然钢笔画集5

Muthahari Insani:动物与自然钢笔画集6

Muthahari Insani:动物与自然钢笔画集7

Muthahari Insani:动物与自然钢笔画集8