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CoolUtils PDF Combine v3.1.29 PDF合并工具

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  • 更新时间:2013-08-13
  • 软件类别:文件处理
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  • 软件版本:v3.1.29
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  • 应用平台:Win2000/WinXP/Win2003/Win7


CoolUtils PDF Combine是一款PDF合并工具,帮助用户将需要的发票,银行对账单,电子书等进行合并,也可在合并前选择不同的文件夹进行保存,也可对书签等进行修改。

CoolUtils PDF Combine v3.1.29 PDF合并工具



CoolUtils PDF Combine是一个简单易用的PDF文件合并工具,可让您方便地将多个PDF文件合并成一个.在合并前您可以选择书签,对页眉和页脚进行微调,并允许您按文件夹分隔文件.总体来说,该软件功能单一,简单易用,速度也不错.

Do you need a utility that could combine several PDF files into one PDF? PDF Combine can do this easily. Are you looking for a program that could be easy-to-use and have enough options to satisfy your requirements? PDF Combine is the most efficient and handy program available in the market. And, you will be happy with the price!

PDF Combine from CoolUtils easily:

1.Combines different pages of invoices, bank statements, contracts, or e-books

2.Allows the selection of as many PDF files as you like

3.Supports different kinds of PDF files produced by various programs

4.Suggests adding macros in destination path (date or time)

5.Keeps your folder’s structure, if you combine subfolders within a folder.

6.For e-books PDF Combine can create a Table of Contents. Each file name of the combined files becomes a bookmark. You can set your own bookmarks as well. So you get easy navigation within the combined PDF file.