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  • 《10句值得推荐的哈佛理论》



    1.There is a well-knowen theory in harvard:The difference between the human beings are on the basis of how to spend their spare time,and their fate is with their determination of between eight and ten o'clock in the evening.If you take two hours out of your time to read and engage in advanced studies,thinking deeply or take part in some useful speeches and discussions.Then you will find that your life is changing,if you insisted on doing this for several years,the success would wave to you.­

    哈佛有一个著名的理论:人的差别在于业余时间,而一个人的命运决定于晚上8点到10点之间。每晚抽出2个小时的时间用来阅读、进修、思考或参加有意的演讲、讨论,你会发现,你的人生正在发生改变,坚持数年之后,成功会向你招手。 ­

    2.No matter how much you make,remember to divide them into five parts: Enchancing the investment to your body,making sure that you are in good health all the time;Enchancing the investment to your social intercourse with the enlargment of your human relationships.Enchancing your studies in order to strenghten your confidence;Enhancing the investment to tourist just to broaden your horizon;Enchancing the investment to your future,increasing your profits.You should keep promise for your mangement,you will find your life is making a lot of profits step by step.­

    无论你的收入是多少,记得分成五份进行规划投资:增加对身体的投资,让身体始终好用;增加对社交的投资,扩大你的人脉;增加对学习的投资,加强你的自信;增加对旅游的投资,扩大你的见闻;增加对未来的投资,增加你的收益。好好规划落实,你会发现你的人生逐步会有大量盈余。 ­­

    3.The leaf that had been leaved through,you'd better not look it over,or the dust fell from it would blur your sight.We couldn't explain why the certain person was kind,just because no one could instead of him! Those ones who once mentioned that they wouldn't separate from us didn't keep their promise,they disappeared in the crowd.Cheer up and go on walking,if you miss the flowers,you then must enjoy the raining day.That means even though you don't mean to miss this one,you will get the other in the next station.­

    过去的一页,能不翻就不要翻,翻落了灰尘会迷了双眼。有些人说不出哪里好,但就是谁都替代不了! 那些以前说着永不分离的人,早已经散落在天涯了。收拾起心情,继续走吧,错过花,你将收获雨,错过这一个,你才会遇到下一个。 ­

    4.­If you can smile while being mistaken by the others,that proves the kind of self-restrained inside you;If you crack a smile while being wronged,this is kind of generous;If you can smile happily while being in an unfavorable situation,this is kind of open-minded;If you can laugh heartily while having no choice,this is kind of noble state;If you can force a smile while being in tough situation,this is kind of tolerance;If you smile calmly while being underestimated,this is kind of confidence;If you can smile lightly while breaking up with your mate,this is kind of free and easy that exist in your heart.­

    被人误解的时候能微微的一笑,这是一种素养;受委屈的时候能坦然的一笑,这是一种大度;吃亏的时候能开心的一笑,这是一种豁达;无奈的时候能达观的一笑,这是一种境界;危难的时候能泰然一笑,这是一种大气;被轻蔑的时候能平静的一笑,这是一种自信;失恋的时候能轻轻的一笑,这是一种洒脱。 ­

    5.On your road of life,you have no chance to avoid some certain things,such as your destiny;No chance to change,such as relationship;No chance to vanish,such as your memories;and some are no chance to isolate,your love is the one...Facing them with your courage is always better than accept them passively;Fighting against the heavy rain is better than keeping off the rain under the eaves;Breaking out in the war is better than feeling lonely in silence...the more difficult,the more barrier,and the more dangerous.As long as you walk across it,your life will be more exciting.­

    人生途中,有些是无法逃避的,比如命运;有些是无法更改的,比如情缘;有些是难以磨灭的,比如记忆;有些是难以搁置的,比如爱恋……与其被动地承受,不如勇敢地面对;与其鸟宿檐下,不如击翅风雨;与其在沉默中孤寂,不如在抗争中爆发……路越艰,阻越大,险越多,只要走过去了,人生就会更精彩。 ­

    6.You have no ability to change the environment,but you can change yourself;You have no ability to change the fact,but you can change your attitude;You can't change your past,but you can change your present situation.You can't control the others,but you can control yourself;You can't predict tomorrow,but you can catch today;Maybe everything doesn't go smoothly,but you can try your best to do them well;You can't lengthen your life,but you can strenghten it.­

    你改变不了环境,但你可以改变自己;你改变不了事实,但你可以改变态度;你改变不了过去,但你可以改变现在;你不能控制他人,但你可以掌握自己;你不能预知明天,但你可以把握今天;你不可以样样顺利,但你可以事事尽心;你不能延伸生命的长度,但你可以决定生命的宽度。 ­

    7.The charming woman: 1,she is good at finding beauties of life.2,She should be used to reading.3,She has a good taste for clothes.4.Making friends with those profound minds.5 Far from those soap operas.6,Learning to be tolerant and to restrain herself.7,Cultivating a healthy attitude,pay more attention to your health.8,She has the ability to live well when she leaves any kinds of men.9,Having the motives to manage money matters and to learn how to invest.10,She should respect the emotions and cherish the relationships.

    魅力女人:1、善于发现生活里的美。2、养成看书的习惯。3、拥有品位。4、跟有思想的人交朋友。5、远离泡沫偶像剧。6、学会忍耐与宽容。7、培养健康的心态,重视自己的身体。8、离开任何一个男人,都会活得很好。9、有着理财的动机,学习投资经营。10、尊重感情,珍惜缘分。 ­

    8.The silly hunt for happiness from the remote place while the wisdom cultivate the happiness around themselves.The happiness is in every details of your life,which depends on whether you feel that or not.If you are the happy one,then you can find the happy element in every thing or every person.You will spread such happiness and stimulate the others.

    愚人向远方寻找快乐,智者则在自己身旁培养快乐。生活里的每一个细节都蕴藏着快乐,只是在于你是否感受到了而已。快乐着的人,每一件事,每一个人身上,他都能发现能令自己欢悦的因素来,并让快乐扩张,鼓舞和影响了周围的人。 ­

    9.Ten sweet sentences to comfort yourself:1,The most important is your present mood;2,Don't always mad at yourself;3,Try your best to do everything that you should do;4,Don't take the others'comments seriously;5,Every people has its own way of living;6,Love yourself and embrace your life;7,It's no use to ingratiate yourself with the others;8,If you can't change them,then let everything go with its own way;9,Try to throw away the annoyed things;10,It is happy when you feel happy.

    【给自己安慰的10句温馨话】1、最重要的是今天的心;2、别总是自己跟自己过不去;3、用心做自己该做的事;4、不要过于计较别人评价;5、每个人都有自己的活法;6、喜欢自己才会拥抱生活;7、不必一味讨好别人;8、木已成舟便要顺其自然;9、不妨暂时丢开烦心事;10、自己感觉幸福就是幸福。 ­

    10.There is no forever relationship,no forever life,all we have is may be a common lives.However,the life is different because of you.No swear,no promise.The only thing we do is just to obey the Love,the expression of our eyes is the go-between,confirming the promise on the three-lives stone.Hand-in-hand,no hard,but no lose.Just with your own way of love equation,playing a classical eternity.