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We have all launched ourselves on the road to happiness. We are obsessed with the pursuit of it, but all too often, we become discouraged. We struggle and bumble our way along, but somehow happiness continues to elude us.

我们都在寻找幸福。我们沉迷于追逐幸福,但是有太多的时候我们会变得气馁。 我们独自努力摸索着,但是不知道怎么了,幸福还是在躲避着我们。

And yet, it is true that the pursuit of happiness is worth the effort. Positive emotions have not just the benefit of momentary pleasure, but of long-term well-being also. Positive emotions bring us pleasure, counteract the damaging effects of negative emotions, build resilience and promote long-term physical and emotional health. We don’t want to give up on happiness, but we do need to find an easier way.

然而,对于幸福的追随是值得我们努力的。积极的感情不仅仅给我们带来一瞬间的满足,还有长期的幸福。 积极的感情给我们快乐,抵消了消极情感的坏影响,建立愉快的心情和促进长期的身心健康。 我们并不放弃幸福,但是我们真的需要找一个更简单的方法。

As we all know, when we have a big goal, it helps to break it down into smaller pieces. If we think of happiness as an overarching emotional state that is created by the presence of other, positive emotions, the process of achieving happiness becomes less daunting.



Joy, contentedness, love, interest, and satisfaction are some of the positive emotions that lead us to feel happy. The more we experience these positive emotions, the happier we’ll be.If you’re willing to let it be.



Exercise, beyond making you more fit, also brings about the release of endorphins. This is a “feel good” chemical that is produced in your body.You might like lifting weights or running or prefer to join a local basketball league. Any moderately strenuous physical activity counts.


Spend Time With Others.与他人一起消磨时光

Time spent with people can bring about feelings of joy, love, interest etc. Go out with your friends, visit with family.


Quiet Your Mind.冷静你的头脑

Formal meditation, prayer or even just sitting with your eyes closed for a few minutes can bring about relaxation and a sense of inner peace.


Spend Time in Nature.身处自然

Nature, whether a hike in the woods or simply gazing at the river from your office window, can bring about relaxation, feelings of connectedness, and even spark creativity.


Express Yourself.展现自我

Creative expression of any kind (art, crafts, cooking, decorating, writing) can bring along a great deal of positive emotion.


Have Fun.过得快乐

This might mean making more time for your hobbies, taking up a new hobby, spending more time with friends or quick-and-easy activities.


Volunteer Work.志愿工作

Quite often, doing things that help others, brings feelings of joy and accomplishment. Making someone else feel good often makes us feel just as good.


Now, there you go. Seven very good general ideas that can be made into a multitude of specific ones for generating positive emotion. I’m sure that now that you’re thinking, you’ll come up with some other original ideas.